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General Club Rules (these rules apply to all Club ranges and facilities)

  • Key fobs are issued to paid-up members who are in good standing; no one else is to have or use a Club key fob to gain access to Club facilities.
  • All members (regular and associate) are responsible for their guests and the guests' conduct while on club property. The hosting member must accompany their guests at all times.
  • All persons entering a club range shall sign in on the range sign in sheet. League Directors will sign in for their activity and individual league participants need not sign the sign in sheet.  League Directors must maintain a roster with a signature of all league participants that includes a statement accepting all club rules of conduct and applicable liability waiver.
  • All shooters and visitors must wear eye and ear protection while on an active range.
  • Absolutely NO horseplay will be permitted.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.
  • Causing willful damage to the Club or Club property will be cause for that person to be subject to suspension from membership and may be reported to the proper authorities for appropriate action.
  • There are a variety of standing, scheduled activities (example: Pistol League, Trap Shooting League, Blackpowder League, etc.). The schedule for these activities is posted in the clubhouse and on the Club website. These activities shall take range use precedence until that activity has concluded. Courteous behavior shall be extended to fellow members and their guests so that they can enjoy the Club facilities.
  • All firearms must be unloaded and secured safely when entering or leaving the range. Concealed firearms are exempt from this rule and are governed by the “Club Concealed Firearm Protocol” see section 4.
  • League Director(s) or Event Organizer(s) or their designee(s) are range safety officers for the respective activity and must remain present for the entire duration of their activity. When club members are using a range, outside of a scheduled activity, they will individually act as range safety officers and coordinate their activities with any others using the same range.
  • Instantly obey all firing line commands.
  • Anyone on the range may call “CEASE FIRE” in response to an unsafe act or condition.
  • Report any unsafe acts or unsafe or defective range equipment to the Executive Officer, or if not available report to any officer.
  • Keep the muzzle of all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  • Finger must remain outside the trigger guard until the firearm muzzle is pointed at the target and ready to fire.
  • No one will move forward of the line of fire for any purpose before all firearms are made safe and the range is declared safe.
  • Courtesy demands no foul language or loud talking at any time or unnecessary movement while shooting.
  • Shoot only at approved targets.
  • Do not litter the range. Use proper waste receptacles. Sweep floors when finished shooting and keep range clear of all debris. Remove your targets and return any target stands to their designated storage areas. Empty brass must be picked up and may be deposited in the containers provided and so marked.
  • No tracer, incendiary, gas or explosive ammunition is permitted.


Indoor Range Rules

  • The indoor range is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week except for leagues and scheduled events, or when otherwise closed by the Board of Directors due to maintenance or unsafe conditions.
  • Smoking, beverages and food are prohibited in the range.
  • No MAGNUM pistol ammunition is allowed (except .22 magnum).
  • Center fire rifle ammunition is NOT allowed.
  • Place all misfired rounds in the safety receptacle designated for misfired ammunition.
  • The ventilation system shall be used while shooting. Become familiar with operation of the ventilation and heating system (operating instructions are posted).
  • The door between the clubhouse and range shall be closed while the ventilation system is operating.
  • Make sure you turn off all range lights before leaving the club.
  • No CO-2 or air guns are permitted (due to the ballistic curtain).
  • When using target hangers, crank the carrier all the way down to the backstop. Do not shoot at targets hung at intermediate distances.
  • Never place targets on or near floor level.
  • All rounds fired must impact the backstop above the baseboard and below the line on the ballistic curtain.  No rounds may impact the floor, ceiling or side walls.
  • Ensure that the side access door to the indoor range is closed and locked to prevent casual access to the range from outside while shooting.


Outdoor Range Rules

  • Range Hours are Monday through Saturday 9AM to Sunset, Sunday Range Hours are 11AM to Sunset except for leagues, scheduled events or for maintenance / safety concerns.
  • Follow the rules posted on the range and shooting bunkers. No shots above red line on bunkers or targets placed on or near the ground.
  • All targets are to be placed close enough to a backstop so that all bullets fired impact in the backstop.
  • Shoot only at approved targets (paper, cardboard, steel, Clay Pigeons). No glass, exploding targets, or any other target that will leave debris on the range or has the potential to result in damage.
  • Shooting and other activities will be kept within the boundaries of the Club property. For example: No shooting at objects on the neighboring lands.
  • The Falling Plate Rack and Dueling Tree are for rim-fire and non-magnum pistol caliber use only. Magnum pistol caliber and center fire rifle ammunition will destroy these devices.
  • Avoid shooting target holding structures and range signs.
  • Misfired rounds are NOT to be left on the range but are to be disposed of properly.
  • No pets (animal) are allowed on the outdoor range.
  • Lock all outside locks, such as trap house before leaving the range.



Club Concealed Firearm Protocol

  • Persons carrying a concealed firearm that they intend to keep concealed while on the premises may do so.
  • Persons who intend to use their concealed pistol at any range outside of league activity may do so while complying with all range rules.
  • Persons carrying a concealed pistol who enter the premises and intend to use their concealed pistol to participate in a league activity shall meet with the league director or range safety officer to make their pistol safe and ready for league use.


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