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A Vision Comes To A Conclusion by Dave DeFrees 9-1

Sep 4, 2019

A Vision Comes To A Conclusion by Dave DeFrees 9-1-2019

At last my vision of a nicely covered and safe outdoor range is completed. It started in the mid “90’s and with help from Mike Hasenstab, Roy Short, and others when the roof over the firing line was started. There were turmoils along the way as the original metal roof was very noisy and the neighbors said the boom of the roof was worse than the gunshot. I think there were 3 roof changes and now an overlap have been done since the start. Thanks to work by Ed Oakes the addition to the left was added and another section of concrete was poured. I am sorry I can’t remember the couple fellows that volunteered to put down the first slab. After all the roof was up things were neglected there for several years other than the heavy shooting benches built by somebody I can’t remember who, (maybe Joe Sochan), and the nice sitting benches built by Ed Trombly.

It never worked out well for black powder shooting because with the benches on the back slab there was no room for shooting boxes and gear and not enough height for ramrods for loading. It also made for very unsafe conditions because we were walking in front of firearms on the benches instead of behind them. Now with the finishing of the slab the benches are now moved to the actual firing line so both bench shooters and offhand shooters are on the same firing line and there is room for shooting boxes and gear on the tables. Also there is enough roof height for the free use of ramrods and cleaning rods. I hope to put more notches or hooks in the tables along with padding on the concrete so rifles can be stood in a vertical position instead of on the shooting bench where one is looking right at the muzzle when going down range and returning. I also constructed a three boarded target frame at an actual 100 yard distance so we can sight in rifles at the actual range of most matches and rifles can be calibrated at an accurate distance to carry the drop out to longer distances with trajectory tables. This frame can also be accessed from the right bench by shooting between the bunkers. It is set in tubes and is removable if not wanted when this hunting sight-in time of year has passed.

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way with this dream. It was great this could be carried along as the trap range was improved. I am sure it will be appreciated as the weather deteriorates and into the winter when some members are still brave enough to keep shooting outdoors. I know as one who helps with the mowing it will be nicer and easier than the sunken plates. Thanks to Fred Bach and all for the work and good and safe shooting.


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