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Oneida shoot for Camden's flood damage

Jul 14, 2019

Our good friends up at Camden Rod and Gun Club had a foot of water covering their range AND inside their club house last Thursday night!
The Oneida Rifle Club will be holding a fun steel shoot on Saturday August 3, 2019, to raise some money to help them.

There will be the usual suspects: a Texas star, plate rack(s), dueling tree, gongs, poppers.....

Any non magnum pistol round out of a pistol or rifle is good to use, 22 rimfire can be used but won't knock everything over.
(a few arrays including the texas star can be shot with birdshot from a shotgun)

We will have 6 or so arrays of targets. You can shoot any of them as much as you want in your time slot for fun.
If you want we will have about a 25 round group of targets which we will score if you want to see how you did amongst your peers.

Pre-registration required.
Email me with your preferred time slot:
9am or 11:45am

Requested donation for everyone is $20. You should be able to burn north of 150 rounds.

There will be a few 9mm carbines available if you want to bring some 9mm ammo.
There will be some 12 gauge semis there if you want to try them on a couple of the arrays (not all),
so bring your shotgun, or some 12 gauge low brass trap type bird shot ammo.
(cylinder, skeet, improved cylinder choke preferred, modified as a last choice is ok)

Thank you for helping our Camden friends,


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