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Thank you to Chuck Loveless

Jul 8, 2019

Once again the club owes a big debt of gratitude to our long time member and friend of the club Chuck Loveless.
When it came to the attention of the Board of Directors that the Trap League wanted indoor range shooting suspended during the trap shoot do to the risk of errant bullets escaping the indoor range in places not protected by steel plate, they got busy and developed a plan to stop that possibility from happening.
After a survey of known areas of concern such as the filled in windows on the outside walls and the side door leading to the new storage shed. They measured up the areas and Dan Vaillancourt took the lead to order and pickup the steel from Steel Sales in Sherburne.
When asked to stop over to the club and figure out the best method of installing the heavy pieces of steel, Chuck being Chuck just picked up his tools and went over and installed all the pieces by himself. A task that would have been a a chore for two or three guys. Well, what can we say but "thanks Chuck" (again) for all your hard work at the club. Whenever you see a piece of steel at the club that's been welded, it's probably got Chuck's name on it.


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