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Stockbridge Valley Clay Target Club Fund Raiser

Apr 29, 2019

Match results at bottom.

The Stockbridge Valley Clay Target Club would like to thank you all!
Between donations and match participants we have raised over $1400 and received over $400 in shotgun shells!!
Thank you all!!

Thanks to:
Vernon National Shooting Preserve.
Oneida Rifle Club members.
Mike Browne
AX Tactical
John Brod
Bradley Darios
MDTS Training
Tom Henry
Matt Eddy
Jim Driscol
Bob Dorn
Brian Coon
Reg Sanborn
Mike Sterns
Barry Frank
Rodman Allen
Colin Wixson
AND all the competitors listed in the results below who all gave at least a $25 donation!

Thank everyone so much!!

And now the match....

Because I feel fundamentals are so important, the entire match was a bunch (6) of difficult stages and drills I practice to hone my skills. My desire is to make everyone a better shooter.
Fortunately everyone enjoyed themselves.
That being said, disregard my score as these are the things I often practice, which gave me a leg up on everyone......but hey! I wanted to shoot too :)

Match results posted here:

If that doesn't work, try this:

Oneida Pistol 4/28/19 | PractiScore


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