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Club Secretary Needed

Apr 15, 2019

Once again the club needs to fill our Secretary position. This position has only two requirements per month. One is to attend the monthly meeting and read the meeting minutes recorded from the previous month. The second is to record the current meeting notes on a club prepared checklist and record them for the next month. Of course this position is open to both our male and female members.
We have found that a small recording device is helpful in sorting out what was discussed and for documenting any votes that may have taken place. The club prepared checklist and the recording device would be provided by the club.
This is a great opportunity to meet people in the club and to stay up on the running of the club business. It is also a way to do your part to help the club run efficiently.
If you think that you might be interested, please contact the club at: and one of the club officers will get back to you.

Thank you


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