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Oneida Steel Fundraiser Shoot Reminder

Jul 16, 2018

Saturday July 21, 2018
We have some slots left at 11:15am and several at 1:30pm. This is a great opportunity to shoot a bunch of steel. Please come on out and support the Oneida Rifle Club.

Dan, Mike, John.

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Oneida Rifle Clubs' plate rack was getting pretty high in miles, so we just replaced it with an awesome new MGM plate rack. We also added a new dueling tree to our outdoor range, very fun.
To help offset these cost we are doing a fund raiser shoot July 21st.
There will be 3 time slots, email me with which one works for you.
There will be ~7 different arrays of steel for your shooting pleasure.
Some of them are:
MGM plate rack with 9 inch hexagons
Texas star
Dueling tree
10 ft long NRA spec plate rack
28" and 42" tall poppers
Gongs from huge 24x33 to smaller ones......
Everyone will shoot each of the arrays once, then we will shoot a group of 3 of them AND then the other group of 4 for score(two strings). After that you may shoot any of the target arrays you want for fun until your time slot is done.
I expect people to use at least 125 rounds, bring more!

$20 donation

Time slots:

Any questions feel free to email me.
Dan Vaillancourt


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