Oct 24, 2017

After many months of hard work, fund raising, tense debates and downright arguments, the indoor range is finally back open with our new state of the art ventilation system.
To turn on the ventilation system, first select summer or winter with the toggle switch. Choose hi or low on the other depending on the number of shooters. One or two would be low, four or more would probably be hi.
The operation is fairly simple. You set the timer as before to make sure the system doesn't continue to run if you happen to leave and forget to turn the system off. The heat is set to come on if the outdoor temperature drops below 60 degrees and the toggle is switch is set for winter.
The two thermostats are set at 70 and 60 respectfully and should not be changed for any reason. Remember you are on the security camera so don't try it.
The vent fans down range will come on first and after a couple of minutes the makeup air behind the shooters follows. This is normal so don't play with the controls. Remember, this is a very expensive system and you should not attempt to alter anything without knowing the system. If you do have a problem, let one of the officers know and it will be taken care of.
Enjoy the new system and thanks for your cooperation.


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