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Indoor Pistol Match* Saturday November 11th.

Oct 18, 2017

First match with our new ventilation and heating system (its awesome)
Saturday November 11th 2017
2 time slots 9am and 11:15am
Must pre-register with slot you want, reply to this email address
$10 Oneida members $15 non-members
3 stages
90 minimum rounds

This will be a fun variety of stages.
Stage 1 will be a shooting drill type stage, testing fundamentals, 24 rounds max.

Stage 2 will be the middle ground stage between the other 2. Fundamentals mixed with speed draws and some movement.
28 rounds

Stage 3 will be a 34 round run and gun with targets from 40ft all the way down to 10ft.

Usual requirements:
Cold range, don't walk around with a loaded gun AND keep it holstered.
Use safety area for unbagging your pistol
Ear and eye protection.
Strong side holster
A method to carry your mags with you
Minimum 4 mags, we can load yours on the fly if you don't have enough
Concealment garment not required
Any centerfire 38 or 9mm up to 45acp, no magnums

5020 Randall Rd
Oneida, NY 13421

For more information or to make your reservation contact Dan at the address below:


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