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Carpenter Crew Needed

Sep 25, 2017

We have one last work item to complete before we can re-open the indoor range. At the end of the indoor range there was a row of metal roofing panels on the ceiling. Those panels had to be removed to install the new exhaust ductwork and because they were shot full of holes. That space needs a new ceiling put back in where the old metal panels were.
Most likely, we would put in 5/8" sheetrock or 1/2" homosote or some other durable panel that can after awhile be replaced due to damage from shooting. The work consists of installing (7) 4x8 sheets of something and there will be two 2'x2' holes that need to be provided for the exhaust fan grills.
If you can help out, please contact Earl Wagner by text or phone at (315) 447-6570.


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