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Work Crew Saturday

Sep 22, 2017

As of Friday 9/22 the HVAC equipment including the make up air unit, the exhaust fans, and the electrical have been completed at the club. Monday the propane lines will be hooked up and we are planning on doing the start up on the new ventilation system on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
The remaining work inside the club is the installation of the perforated metal panels that make up the defuser wall behind the firing line. Since the mechanical work is complete, we need to give the firing line area a good cleaning and then John Brod along with Mike Slade and Steve Albro are going to spray paint the defuser wall cavity and the perforated panels. Hopefully once this work is complete, we will be able to use the indoor range even before the annual meeting next month.
John is looking for people to help out for an hour or two starting at 3:00PM Saturday afternoon to vacuum, wipe down metal in preparation for the paint, and just give the area a good cleaning. If you can help them out it would be much appreciated. See you on Saturday, and thank you.


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