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Electrician Needed

Sep 20, 2017

As most of you know, we are very close to completing the new ventilation system at our club. Per the agreement with our mechanical contractor, we are responsible to run the power wiring to the air handling unit on the side of the building and to run the power to the two roof ventilators on the downrange end of the attic. We have plenty of help to pull wire but we are hoping that we have a qualified electrician to oversee the work and make the final connections.
If you have the expertise to take this on, we can work out the helpers to fit your schedule. Hopefully either during this week or this weekend. We can get all the materials needed at City Electric ahead of time but we should get together and come up with a material list as soon as possible. Please contact Earl Wagner at or by phone at (315) 447-6570.
Thank you


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