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Ventilation Project Kick Off

Jun 24, 2017

We had our kick-off meeting with Airside and Tim from Ram-Tech yesterday and I think we are in good shape to get this thing started. Can we get our group together next Wednesday at the club at 6pm so we can put a plan together to make sure we get all of our responsibilities taken care of? Here’s a basic summary of what we need to do:

Diffuser Wall
Demo – I would like our group to actually start the demo next Wednesday. We can get the room cleaned out and begin tearing the paneling off and see what we have in store for us there. It would be great at the next meeting for the club to see some actual physical progress, so let’s try to get that part started. We can use the range to store all of the things in the back range now, and maybe even stockpile demo debris there until we get a dumpster to dispose of all of the stuff generated by the project. Once we get the demo done, we need to frame the back wall and prepare it for the perforated metal sheathing. We also need to discuss if we want to add any rigid foam insulation to the back wall. I think we have a pretty good idea of what Airside needs at the top of the wall to connect their ductwork to.

I will finalize pricing for the perforated sheet metal so we can determine the cost and timing of getting that material on order and delivered.

Mark Peters was there last night (electrician, electrical inspector and club member). He has offered to provide us guidance with the electrical work to make sure we get it done right. It’s really mostly just running wiring – Airside will do all of the controls and hook-ups, so nothing terribly difficult. Airside is preparing a wiring diagram with a list of things that they are doing vs what we need to do. The wiring diagram will show what wires need to be run where. Mark will help us get the right wiring and other electrical devices needed.

Concrete Pad
We need to prepare a spot to pour a 6” pad next to the building. Chris Grabow said that there is a map showing exactly where the well and water line is, so we can avoid that. I think Dave Klish said that he has a machine he can bring down to grade off a spot and help get the pad completed. Then we need to frame up a 5’x8’ pad with 2x12s to put 6” gravel and 6”concrete. We will reinforce the pad with wire mesh and broom finish it.

Airside will order 3 roof curbs one for the supply ductwork to enter the back of the range through the roof, and 2 for the roof mounted exhaust fans at the back of the range. We need to make sure that the area behind the bullet trap is pretty much sealed up so that when the exhaust fans are sucking air out of the range, the air actually comes from the range and not through a bunch of leaks in the building. Doesn’t have to be airtight, just not a lot of big leaks to the outside. We will have to check that out to see what we need to do there. Airside is ordering the curbs and will send them out with one of their guys to show us exactly where they will go on the roof.

Someone needs to reach out to Sharman Propane to see what we need for a new tank and propane supply lines, etc. If we provide them with the spec sheet for the furnace along with some basic use information (how many hours per day, days per week, etc), they can determine what size tank we need and where to put it.

Airside will order the equipment – probably at least a 4-6 week lead-time for that. The anticipate being ready to install everything at the end of the summer to early fall (end of August, early September start of on-site installation and duct work). They figure that they will need 3-4 weeks on-site to complete everything, so we should be up and running by the middle of October.

Yes, we need to pay for this thing. Chris from Airside said he will get us any deposit and progress payment requirements. We will need to let the bank know that we are starting this project and find out how we begin accessing our loan. Tim said no one at Ram-Tech is bugging him for payment of their invoice, but we will eventually have to pay that $5,000. I will follow-up with NSSF to work on that grant now that we have a project in motion. Let’s not forget to get our fundraising activities re-started. We also need to follow-up on the signs and lane sponsorships and get thank you notes out to our early donors now that we have something to thank them for.

Let me know if you can make a meeting at the club next Wed., 6/28 at 6pm. Come in work clothes and bring some tools so we can start doing some demo work!


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