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Club Secretary Needed

Jul 16, 2017


June 13,2017

Once again we find ourselves in need of a Club Secretary. This position takes a few hours per month. Attend one meeting a month for about an hour and a half and record the basic business of the meeting. Hand written, tape recorded or typed on a laptop is fine. Record as best that you can the discussions, votes, new and old business etc. At your convenience sometime during the the next 30 days just compile those notes into meeting minutes and bring them to the meeting to be read and filed away. It doesn't have to be too formal and even a single sheet of paper is fine. That's it. If you can't make a meeting for some reason, just let someone know and we'll get another member to fill in for you.
If you feel you are interested in coming forward and doing this very important job please contact Earl Wagner to discuss at

Thank you


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