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Paul “Big Mac” Maccarone IKT World Record Setter

Nov 29, 2016

Paul “Big Mac” Maccarone
IKT World Record Setter – Long Distance Knife

At a ceremony in October 2016 in Austin, TX, long time Oneida Rifle Club member, Paul Maccarone, was inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame as “Outstanding Competitor of the Year”! At this year’s competition, Paul also set a new IKT World Record throwing a bullseye with a knife 73’ 11”. At about the age of eight, Paul was given a pocket knife by his father and promptly began throwing it. Over the next six to eight years, there were many other pocket knives and many, many broken blades. Then there were the cheap Japanese floaters, one of which he managed to throw through his family’s bathroom window. Eventually, Paul learned of Tru-Balance knives and purchased several directly from Harry McEvoy. In the early 1990’s, Paul became involved in Black Powder shooting. It was at New York State Muzzleloading Association events where Paul got his first exposure to competitive throwing. Over the years, Paul won many knife and tomahawk competitions at these Mountain Man type of events. It wasn’t until 2011 that Paul learned of the more challenging competitions being held by AKTA and IKTHOF. Paul attended his first organized knife throw in Pennsylvania in 2012. Managing a 9th place overall finish, he decided to train specifically for those types of throws. The following year, Paul attended his first IKTHOF World Championship in Blanco, TX, where he achieved his goal of throwing an Expert level score. Encouraged, Paul continued to train and improve. The following year in Austin, TX, Paul won his first World Championship in the Fast Draw event. In the last five years, Paul has attended at least 15 throws racking up three World Championships (2014 and 2015 Fast Draw, 2016 Long Distance Knife), 1 new IKT World Record, 2 Canadian Championships (Fast Draw, Texas 3-Step), one US National Gold Cup (tomahawk) win, fourth place in the 2015 Jack Dagger Marathon as well as several second and third place finishes at the World, National and Canadian championships. In 2015, Paul earned his Master knife throwing rank for his score of 254 at the US Nationals. He is also the New York State Representative for IKTHOF. In addition, Paul hosted the first organized IKTHOF knife throw in New York State in September 2015 known as the Finger Lakes Fling. Congratulations, Paul!


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