Mar 16, 2016

Beginning Monday March 14, 2016 the indoor range will be closed for much needed updates to the ventilation system. After having evaluations done by two professional engineers prior to beginning the design of a more modern and effective system, it was decided that the indoor range should be closed until the necessary upgrades can be completed. We realize that this will create a hardship for many of the members but it cannot be helped. This work must be done to provide a clean and safe environmental for our shooters.
The first phase of this project will be the design of the new system by a professional engineer specializing in heating and ventilation. The work will involve designing a system that will bring clean outside air into the shooting end of the range to make up the air that will be removed at the target end of the range with a larger and more efficient exhaust fan system. At this point, no outside air is being brought in. In the winter, that fresh outside air will have to be heated before it is introduced into the building. This will require the incorporation of a new heating unit dedicated to the tempering of that outside air. Once the design is finalized, we will put the project out to bid. At the completion of the bid process, we will have a realistic idea of the total cost and we will begin securing the capitol that we will need to move forward.
This is going to be a very expensive undertaking. In addition to a Friends of NRA Grant, we will also be pursuing other State and Local grants to help with the cost. We will also be starting a fund drive and hopefully with the help of our members, we can make this project a reality and have it completed by the beginning of the next winter league season.
I think all of our members realize the value of this club and the different shooting opportunities that it provides. Many if not all local clubs in this area charge far more than the Oneida Rifle Club does and in many cases gives far less opportunity in return. These improvements will make this club cleaner, safer and a more accommodating facility to be enjoyed by members and their families and friends. Lets all pull together and make this happen.

Earl Wagner
ORC Board of Directors


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