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New Proposed Law to Limit Ammunition Sales

Dec 22, 2015


Please go to the NYSRPA website at and look up the proposed new law that was introduced into the Assembly and the State Senate this past Monday to limit the future sales of firearm ammunition to twice the capacity of the gun every 90 days. This was introduced by Brooklyn lawmakers Sen. Roxanne Persaud and Assembly member Jo Anne Simon. The purpose of the law is to limit the amount of ammunition a terrorist could build up in preparation for an attack. If this gets traction with the liberal crowd, we are in big trouble. Sounds impossible but so did the SAFE Act when that was proposed.
Please contact you State and local Officials and voice you concern over this ridiculous infringement on our second amendment rights. Also, if you're not a member of The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, please consider joining. The NRA fights hard for our rights but they have 49 other states to worry about. If you are a member, contribute to the legal fund when ever you can. Each and everyone of the gun owners in this state has to do their share or eventually their won't be any gun owners in New York State.

Newell (Earl) Wagner
ORC Board of Directors


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