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Key FOB Distribution

Mar 28, 2015

As most of you know, we are in the process of starting up our new security entry system. A key fob will be required to gain access to the club house or the outdoor range as soon as we can get them distributed to all the members. Brian Baum will be available at this months club meeting from 6:30 PM on to give out the fobs and enter your name in the computer base. There will be no charge at this time but there will be a $5.50 fee added to the 2016 dues to cover the cost. Additional fobs can be purchased for the same $5.50 fee if you would like them. Syracuse Pistol club charges their members $10.00 but at this time we are only charging what they cost us. If you can, please make an effort to get these at the club as this will help us save money on postage to mail them out. See you on April 13th.


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