Aug 31, 2014

On Wednesday August 27th. we had a report that the well pump inside the clubhouse was cycling on and off and there was water bubbling up on the North end of the building. On Friday, Phil and Earl met with Bill and John from Kincaid Well Drilling.
There is a broken pipe just outside of the building that will have to be dug up and repaired. This digging has to go back to the well head to make repairs. By law, the well head has to be expended up at least 12" above the ground. At this time it is thought to be about 40" below the ground.
Due to the extensive nature of the work, Kincaid will not be able to mobilize a crew and get the job done until on or about Tuesday September 9th. Unfortunately, one day (after) the meeting.
As there is no water to flush toilets, we would suggest using the Gas Station down on the corner on Route 365 until service is resumed.


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