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Letter From Your President, Nov. 2013

Nov 5, 2013

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November-December 2013
Letter From Your President
Our club is growing at a faster pace than we ever expected-275 strong. This number is considerably up from the 175 total just a few short years past. With this increase, we need improved and expanded facilities along with a greater responsibility on the part of the membership. We members are responsible for policing our ranges after use so that the next participant doesn’t have to retrieve targets or collect shotgun shells, rifle and pistol cases left behind. The sign-in sheets are on display, both inside and outside, and everyone is required to comply. Also, cards need to be displayed on the outside board when on the range. This will
help us get to know each other, especially the new members, and discourage non-members from using our private club. These sign-in sheets also help determine if and when facilities are being used so that no events are scheduled. If you should forget your card on the board, you will find it inside on the desk at the front of the room. We are all responsible for our own shooting equipment, however, the ranges are checked each day and forgotten items are usually on the same front desk in the clubhouse. As the year progresses we will be involved in projects which will need workers. Major projects such as the painting of the
outside of the clubhouse, an improvement completed last month, will be undertaken by paid professionals, but the smaller ones that we can handle, will need cooperation from the membership. Remember, the ORC belongs to all of us. We are looking forward to a great and fun-filled year. The indoor and the outdoor ranges are available all year long so everyone is welcome to use them. Leagues such as bulls eye, action pistol, defensive pistol, sporter rifle and junior league are open and any and all members are welcome. Don’t forget to renew your membership by Jan. 1st 2014. $50.00 is the fee. Members 70 or older, with at least 15 years of membership will have the dues reduced to $12.50. Also, remember to join NRA or renew your membership on our club applications. With the politics of the times stacked against us, we need unity. Our club meetings, as always are on the second Monday of each month. If you haven’t been in a while, please attend. We need your support. Everyone have a good year and a safe one as well !
Ron Mandronico

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting was held Monday October 14, 2013. The new slate of officers some returning and some new is listed below.

President.....................Ron Mandronico
Vice President............Chris Grabow
Secretary......................Daniele Trifunovski
Treasurer.....................Ed Trombley Jr.
Executive Officer...... David Kennett
Chief Instructor........Wayne Schapley

Earl Wagner
Philip Abiusi
Charles Joseph
James Gilberti
Gary “Bob” Hartwell

New Business
There are some new capitol improvements that we will be making in the next few years. Some because it will our improve our facility. Some because they have to be done. These projects will take a bite out of our budget. With that in mind it was decided to increase the dues by $10.00 per year. This money will be dedicated to the Capitol Fund to be used exclusively for capitol improvements. This dues increase will begin the calendar year 2014-2015. IT DOES NOT TAKE EFFECT THIS
Most members probably don’t realize it but even though we are an NRA affiliated club, we do not qualify for the grants that they offer for club improvement because not all our members belong to the NRA. At next year’s annual meeting, we will vote to make NRA membership mandatory as it is with many clubs both locally and nationally. If you feel strongly about this one way or the other, please make it known before the next annual meeting.

Please check the schedule at the clubhouse or the website for the winter league schedule beginning in January.

The 2014 dues for the ORC are due January 1st. 2014 - THIS IS YOUR NOTICE- no other announcement will be mailed to the membership. Send your $50 check or M.O/ to Oneida Rifle Club P.O. Box 411, Oneida , New York 13421.


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