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April/May 2013 Newsletter

Apr 7, 2013

A letter from your President:

The New York State SAFE Act is about 90% finalized and the remaining 10% is still a bit ambiguous. Most of us firearms owners – truly law abiding citizens – are hoping that the courts will consider the US Constitution’s 2nd amendment in its final ruling and eradicate this callous and irresponsible piece of legislature. As it stands now, the SAFE Act will make felons out of many of us, especially those who don’t fully understand all of the endless pages of double-talk that’s summarized in the final draft. Others are feeling betrayed by the men and women who represent them in Albany and want to rebel and hold onto firearms and accessories legally purchased many years prior to the Act. I personally find it ironic, with NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg and his endless bankroll and Governor Cuomo with his persistent drive to try to lower the crime rate in New York State by punishing the good people, when, as I write this, a federal prosecutor, US Attorney Preet Bharara, has charged two NYS legislators in separate bribery cases just this month and earlier arrested six politicians for corruption and forced a seventh out of office. He also questioned how much of the work of both the state and city government “is tarnished by graft”. With all of this going on, the Governor’s response was that this state needs a lot of reforms going forward and we need better people running for office. Perhaps he was projecting! I think he needs to clean up his own house before worrying about forcing illegal rules and restrictions on the honest, law abiding general public. Hopefully, the next election will bring a necessary change for the people of this state. We can only hope it will be a positive change.
On a lighter note, “spring has finally sprung” and it’s time to begin our spring cleaning. Cleanup day is scheduled for 9 AM on Saturday, April 27, 2013; please help your club! There is a signup sheet next to the sign in book by the front door; your help will be greatly appreciated!
The winter leagues – Bulls eye, Sporter Rifle, and Jr. League – have officially ended. With the ammunition shortage, some of these leagues had to stop short of their final match. The league scores will be posted at a later date. Both the Trap and the Black Powder League are now in full swing and the other summer leagues will soon begin. See our website calendar. Action pistol and Defensive pistol will finish at the end of April.
A new security system is now operational and hopefully this will help to police the building and grounds and give us a discount on our insurance as well.
Membership is now at an all-time high with enrollment reaching the 270 mark - up from 177 eight years ago. We officers and seasoned members would like to welcome those new sports people who are now part of our growing family. We hope each and every one of you will find some event or league in which to participate. Again, you chose our club because it has something unique to offer you, so welcome aboard! The next scheduled membership meeting is May 13; please join us in the clubhouse at 7:30 PM.

Ron Mandronico - president


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