Indoor Range



Courtesy and common sense, along with the basic rules of safe gun handling, should prevail. 

  • Treat all guns as loaded and point them in a safe direction 
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot 
  • Know your target and what is beyond 


In the range, this means the target carrier should be in the holder at the backstop when you shoot. If practicing defensive shooting and wishing to shoot at short range, you have to move the target all the way down and move forward of the booths to shoot. The wall is marked at various distances, especially 7 yards (21 feet) a normal defensive range.

Common sense says that all shooters should be at the same distance. Courtesy says that if multiple shooters are using the range and some want to shoot at 50 feet, everyone should be shooting from the 50 foot booths.


Try to pick an odd time of day if you desire to shoot down range. If the targets are not run to the backstop, the bullet impact will be on the floor or the beams at the base of the curtain. This can cause ricochets and mangled bullets, some of which are found laying around the range. Also, try to stay in line with the position you are shooting as the backstop only covers the back wall, and if shooting sideways, the bullets will damage the wall and the turning target counterweights.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the ballistic curtain is tough and low velocity rounds sometimes do not penetrate. This can be worse in the area of repairs where the curtain is doubled. Low target velocity 38 specials and air rifle and BB gun shots can be fired back at the shooter like a slingshot. . If one hears a thud after shooting, it is possible the curtain has fired back. Shoot those rounds outdoors and load more powder next time. This is the reason air rifles are not allowed in the range. Shooting glasses should always be worn for protection from split or ejected hot casings.

The 4 switches on the left in the range control the booth and target lights. If there are only 2 or 3 shooters, please to use only the lights on one side of the range

If heat is desired and there is more than one shooter, turning the upper timer switch above the light switches will turn on the heat. Try not to turn it on for too long if almost ready to leave. Do not touch the thermostats in the shooting range.

The lower timer switch above the light switches controls the down range blower that sucks air out above the targets. Turn the timer on then turn the high/low switch to high and either leave it there or turn it to low if that is all that's needed. Anybody wanting better ventilation or if the range is really smokey, pull the wooden panel off the wall above the light switches, take the insulation panel out and crack the window open by adjusting the pin in the side of the window frame to the opening they want. This gives a flow of fresh air from behind the shooter making the blower much more efficient. The timer located on the side wall by position 10 runs a middle of the range blower which is good if shooting from the booths, but not if shooting from down range. Please close the range door keep the dust and fumes out of the meeting room.


Failure to follow the rules could lead to higher membership fees
or expulsion from the club.



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